link us to your waves...
How will you plant it?
Help it grow?
Pass it on?
Share it?
What dormant ability will it awake in you?
What dream will it feed into existense??
7/11/2011 05:15:29

Ayoa and Aloha Kin!!!
May the 'Ra-ndom' Acts of Gifting Continue as we move ever closer to the center!!

Moving the Matter... It all Matters...
It's all on its way back to source!!
Sacred is the path.

Melovia 129
7/11/2011 05:55:29

Dear Moi I love UR new hOMe; it is already very beautiful. Bless you for creating such a bright and loving space to meet and share UR many creative gifts with Kin! I am interested to learn more of the initiatives begun in Ashland (Free Box, Time Bank) that might be introduced here in Enderby (End-or-Be!), British Columbia.
In lak'ech
Red Crystal Moon

7/14/2011 15:01:02

Me-love-ia Moon aus dem Bee-Raw-It-She Ma Call Um-bombia!!
Yes sea-star!
We'll bee report-in-G!
'End-or-be' ... the next D.O.O.T play??

loves in lak'ech!!


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    come...past the Port of All...

    May compassion seal the Void.
    May your Chi be your Passport.
    May the Key to your Chi be in your Kin.
    Welcome to the Port of All.
    A Yum Hunab Ku Eva Maya E Ma Ho...


    July 2011